Bread subscriptions are available for our hometown residents of Moraga, CA

About Rise Bakehouse

Tom KellyMy name is Tom Kelly and I'm the owner & baker at Rise Bakehouse, an organic cottage bakery located in Moraga, CA. I’ve always loved bread. From my childhood I have fond memories of getting fresh bread delivered from the North End in Boston every weekend growing up.  (Side note - yes, if you’re wondering, I am still a diehard Red Sox fan but after 12 years in the Bay Area I do support the A’s as well). I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across the country and most of Europe and have had some truly amazing breads. Unfortunately when I look out at the breads for sale in our community, there is so much bad bread out there that is both unhealthy and flavorless. Bread can and should be part of a healthy diet but conventional bread has so many issues (check out my demand better bread page). I wanted to feel good about the bread that my family was eating and wanted to extend that out into my community. That’s why I walked away from my 18-year career in the corporate world and started Rise Bakehouse in 2019.

I trained in both commercial bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute in South San Francisco. I also have wonderful bread helpers on my team - my wife Liz, my daughter Claire and son Brendan. While the kids typically prefer eating the bread over helping Dad with the business, our family is deeply committed to sharing fresh, organic bread products with our community.