Who We Are

Our mission is to bake organic sourdough breads that nourish our community and help heal the planet. We achieve that mission through the following actions:  

  • Use organic ingredients and make all of our products by hand
  • Produce traditional, naturally-leavened sourdough
  • Operate our business in harmony with the environment, including making responsible choices related to energy efficiency, waste management and resource conservation
  • Connect customers to the ingredients, peoples and places behind their food
  • Advocate and educate on the importance of the organic food chain and regenerative farming to improve our soil and water supply, fight climate change and improve the health of our farms and farmers  

Tom Kelly is the owner & baker of Rise Bakehouse. After many years in the corporate world he started Rise Bakehouse in 2019 to change his life and bring organic breads to his community. As a cottage food business Tom bakes everything from his home in Moraga, CA. He has trained in both commercial bread and Viennoiserie production at the San Francisco Baking Institute in South San Francisco. He’s supported by his amazing family who enjoy their 24/7 access to fresh organic bread.