Our Breads


Sourdough batard - organic flour, water and salt. That’s all you need to create this versatile, delicious loaf.   


Kalamata olive sourdough batard - olives straight from Greece, rosemary from our garden and organic flour, water and salt.  


Cranberry walnut sourdough batard - 100% whole wheat organic flour teams up with organic walnuts, cranberries and raisins. Awesome bread to toast up in the morning with some grass-fed butter.


Sandwich bread (aka Sourdough Pain de Mie) - school lunches here we come! While beloved by all ages groups, your kids will eat this one up and you can feel good that it’s homemade, organic and naturally leavened.  Choose from loaves with 100% white flour, 50% white / 50% whole wheat or 100% whole wheat bread.